Skip vonKuske: Intuit
My first solo album contains multi-tracked original works and Bach’s Suite for cello in G Major.





Vagabond Opera: The Zeitgeist Beckons

I’m proud of the new record and it is the first full length album other than my solo work that I’ve produced.



Vagabond Opera: Vagabond Opera
I’ve traveled the world with these guys and enjoyed working on our self titled CD




Portland Cello Project
Our second album is being released on the Kill Rock Stars label in June and is titled
“The Thao and Justin Power Sessions”



Portland Cello Project
Cello Project’s first album has garnered critical accolades, and not just because of the cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”!




Susie Blue: The World Could End Tonight
This new album is laden with cello and guest musicians whose talents I adore!




Susie Blue: Sink
A lovely record and marks the beginning of my work with Susie





Lesley Kernochan: The Pickle Jar

One of my favorite albums ever. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it’s a genre defying masterpiece! Even if I hadn’t played cello parts I love on it.



M Ward: Post-War
I played cello and bass on the track “Poison Cup” before I knew who Matt was. I remember thinking there was a Roy Orbison quality to the song and liking it. I really like the way the strings sound has a mellotron quality, and recording to tape.

Julie Larson: Open Roads
This album was my first record writing string quartet arrangements on paper. the link is to reverb nation where you can at least listen to some of the tracks. Proud of the work I did here with Julie and producer Tony Lash. Beautiful songwriting!


Richmond Fontaine: Lost Son

Simply one of my favorite bands ever! Amazing short stories in the context of songs.
The cello is minimal, but textural. I enjoy all of their work, but contributed to these two records.


Richmond Fontaine: Post to Wire





The Stolen Sweets:
Shuffle Off To Buffalo
These folks rock it twenties and thirties style, with tight harmonies and slamming swing!
It was an honor to put together string arrangements for this album, and I’m excited to be working on their next!



Jennifer Batten: Whatever

Jennifer is an insanely gifted guitarist who’s worked with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck.
In the process of her new album, she discovered that midi strings just don’t bend and shift like the real thing. She brought me in put the organic touch and brush stroke one track with cellos. A compelling listen of guitar mastery and quirky instrumental music.